Direct Printer Ink


The Metalnox direct printer inks display high performance and are recommended for Evox Mtx8 direct printing on fabric. They provide greater fidelity of colors for image transfer, as they were developed with the highest technology in order to provide the best results. They are supplied in the following colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white.

Using instructions and product performance: Turn the flask upside down and shake in circular movements in a diameter of about 20cm. Never shake the flask until bubbles are formed, as most problems occur in ink clogging due to incorrect handling of the ink. When filling the product into the machine, use a retention filter.

The performance of this product depends on the ideal conditions for surface preparation where the ink will be applied. Before producing any serial product, you must test the adherence on the substrate and calibrate the color. Never mix Metalnox products with inks from other manufacturers in the packaging or in the machine.