Pre-treatment Machine


The Metalnox pre-treatment machine provides a useful area of up to 600x800mm, it is used for preparing the surface of light and dark colored clothing pieces for printing with the Evok Mtx8 Direct Printing equipment. It works so that the white ink is used a base for the stamping – for the best possible adherence and attained results.

After the application, the piece must be cured using a thermal press. We recommend the EL 900 Metalnox model (see here). The machine will apply the Primer according to the location and size of the image being printed and use the pulverizing model to dispense the quantity of primer on the fabric. Only after the primer cures, the piece can be place in the Evox Mtx8 Direct Printer for applying the stamp.

  • Current: 2,3A;
  • Air compressor: not included - recommended 6-7 bar;
  • Weight: 380 kg (approximate);
  • A tray for pre-treatment: 1;
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) in meters: 2265 X 1157 X 1308;
  • Method for applying the pre-treatment: Pulverization;
  • Voltage: 220VCA MONOF./BIF. 60HZ;
  • Power: 0,5KW;
  • Consumption: 0,2KWh;