Direct Printer Evox Mtx8


Evox Mtx8 is nationally manufactured equipment for direct printing on garment for high productivity industrial production, as it is the first machine of this type in Latin America and the third industrial printer of this type in the world. It was developed with high-tech, the equipment provides increased freedom in creation, making it possible to print on zippers, seams, and buttons in fabrics with at least 50% cotton, light or dark colors.

The printer is equipped with two working trays with a useful working area up to 600x800mm, capable of producing up to 300 pieces per hour and achieves resolutions of up to 2280dpi. Its performance creates differentiated designs and with improved color quality, combined with high industrial production and at a low cost.

Using the Evox Mtx8, it is possible to create a more sustainable production line, eliminating expenses with silk-screen frames, inks, and effluent waste treatment, and generating savings up to 50% on energy expenses. The reduction in factory layout and the elimination of unnecessary processes guarantees shorter production time for collections and a lower cost per piece; thereby you will get fast return on your investment.

Benefits guarantee longer useful lifetime and productivity

  • Work Flow System: Provides longer printing time due to the efficiency in moving and the number of nozzles in the printing head, proving increased productivity.
  • Double Print System: This is a simultaneous printing system of colors and backgrounds, performing the CMYK + WHITE printing simultaneously and increasing your productivity.
  • Intelligent Head Protection System: The printing head protection system avoids nozzle contact with oxygen, thereby increasing their useful lifetime.
  • Spit Function: This avoids head nozzle clogging, thus increasing your useful lifetime and achieving perfect work conditions and performance.
  • Degassing Function: This remove oxygen from the ink in order to avoid printing defects.
  • Grayscale and Binary Function: There are 3 sizes of gray scale drops, as to achieve increased image definition.
  • Wiper Function: This removes the excess ink from the printing heads, providing increased performance in your printing work.
  • White Print Function: This function provides a white background for printing, making it possible to use the respective color of the fabric for the composition of the image and thereby guarantees ink savings, greater productivity, and improved touch.
  • Excess tank equipped with sensor: This resource allows your team to be worry-free of spilling excessive ink when filling the tank.
  • HMI Touch Screen: This screen is used for inputting vital parameters for the machine, providing constant monitoring, access to preventive maintenance and thereby preventing any damages.
  • Size and height adjustments for trays: These resources make it possible to apply all types of designs on all sizes of meshes of your collection, and it is even possible to stamp different thicknesses of pieces.
  • Pretreatment for printing: Held with Metalnox MPT machine;
  • Kit maintenance: 6 months and 1 year;
  • Warrantee: 1 year;
  • Funding from BNDES / Finame: In up to 48 installments;
  • Air compressor: Not necessary;
  • Print head native resolution: 180 dpi;
  • Machine model: EVOX mtx8;
  • Manufacturing: Brazil;
  • Ideal working conditions: Temperature: 18 to 25 ºC (68 to 77 ºF) / Humidity: 45% to 70%;
  • Piece curing time after stamping: 4 minutes to 8 minutes;
  • Stamped piece curing: Through the Metalnox Turbo JET Dryer;
  • Pre-treatment curing time: 60 seconds for pressing at 160 degrees C°;
  • Compatible File formats: PSD - PDF - TIFF - EPS;
  • Software RIP: CALDERA RIP;
  • Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7;
  • Substrates: 100% cotton and compositions containing at least 50% of cotton *Different results if compared to 100% cotton;
  • Type of ink: Water based pigmented;
  • Number of colors: 5 colors – (CMYK + white);
  • Printing resolution: 360 x 360 dpi up to 720 x 2880 dpi;
  • Type of printing head: Seiko;
  • Heads: 8 heads (4 CMYK + 4 White);
  • Printing area: 600 x 800 mm / 400 x 500 mm (optional);
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) in meters: 3.25 x 4.06 x 1.86m;
  • Wight: 3800Kg;
  • Voltage: Single-phase or Two-phase 220 V/ 50 Hz/ 60Hz;
  • Pre-treatment curing: Heat press – suggested EL 900;
  • Pre-treatment for printing on black, colored,: This is performed by a MTP machine supplied by Metalnox;
  • Printing trays: 2 - 600 x 800 mm / 400 x 500 mm;
  • Height adjustment system of trays: Electromechanical - 50 mm adjustment;
  • Production capacity: 300 pieces per hour (A4);
  • Drop size: Variable and Binary 18/32/42 pico-liters;
  • Interface: HMI touchscreen;
  • Current: 16A;
  • Consumption: 1.1kW/h;
  • Power: 3.5kW;
  • Printing method: Applied directly on the fabric;