Between polka dots and stripes, the history of fashion is told by the prints per se, over the decades, highlighting the most diverse styles and trend setting.


Psychedelic patterns from the 70´s, geometric lines from the 80´s, delicate floral from the 90´s. In one way or another, prints have always been there in collections, catwalks and wardrobes, becoming the icon of generations and symbol of many styles.



Present in the most diverse pieces, whether on spot, or covered with sequins and embroider or even in the general aspect, prints have been changing thorough time, designing new shapes and hitting the spotlight.


Today it is possible to notice it, not only in clothing but also in accessories, shoes, belts and handbags once, matched, it enhances modern looks, classic, and also the irreverent ones, all full of personality.



Just like fashion itself, as time passes by, the manufacturing processes have been constantly changing with the appearance of new technologies such as digital printing sublimation machines, which has a low cost and ensures maximum quality.


For the beginners or small manufacturers, manual heat presses stand the advantage of a low cost estimate not to mention it is also easy to handle, without casting the print quality aside. On the other way, large industries may count on automatic machinery which results in gain of productivity, better production and a higher layout output.



When it comes to sublimation, there is a wide range of opportunities for everybody, after all, if there is something which never goes out of style, prints can stand for its place.