Plaid, floral, animal print, polka dots, geometric, striped, there is a wide range of styles and numerous possibilities for space decoration, by all means when it comes to customized decoration, the solution may be just one: sublimation.


Earning its own spot to the world market through the date, digital printing stands out for its convenience, versatility, low cost, and especially for creating unique and one-of-a-kind textile pieces highlighting its features to each environment. Through the textile sublimation process it is possible to manufacture sorts of prints which enhances a new look to the most multi task scenario range set, from the kitchen to the living room, customizing curtains, beanbags, pillows and even sofas.

It is also possible to have certain pieces customized in order to suit to the decoration, matching tones, colors and prints to create rooms sparkled with lots of personality and irreverence, as shown in this post.

In addition to the textile set, sublimation may also be endeavored with decorative flabbergasting frames. A sample of it is aluminum plates imprinting. The result is fantastic, turning out to be  a high value-added product.


The convenience of sublimation flirts with creativity in order to create a printing range which can also depict images of celebrities, soccer teams coats, phrases, pictures of special moments such as birthdays or weddings and just about anything your creativity allows. The process, which can be performed either by heat presses, or digital machinery, is fast and convenient and creates unique textile pieces, since thetrend topics are the ones to matches each one's style.