About us

The history of Metalnox Digital began in 2012, when studies and projects were implemented focused on the digital textile process. Metalnox Digital launched its first digital printers for sublimation in 2013, MTX I and MTX II, these models which had not yet been manufactured by the company at that time but they were distributed throughout the entire national territory. The company worked behind the scenes on developing their own models of printers that were manufactured in the unit in Jaraguá do Sul. It was at the beginning of 2013, the first prints were printed on prototype of the digital printer equipment for sublimation and also printed directly on fabric.

In July, 2014, after a great deal of development and technological advanced, EVOX Mtx8, the first equipment for printing directly on fabric and ePRINT Mtx Strong, the digital printer for sublimation were launched in the domestic market. Now, they are manufactured 100% domestically.

A company was born at that time, dedicated to manufacturing printers for sublimation and printers for printing directly on fabric in large size. Metalnox Digital has established itself as the first company in Latin America and the third in the world to develop and manufacture equipment for direct printing on fabric at an industrial level and it is dedicated to supply high tech, innovative, and quality equipment to the textile segment.

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